Admission of new students
Undergraduate Program The Department of Naval Architecture ITS conducts three methods:

(SNMPTN | NSSUE) National Selection of State University Entrance
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This program is aimed at students who will get high school certificate (SMA / MA / SMK) or equivalent and have a high academic achievement. General terms of participation on SNMPTN can be found on the official page of the committee (

(SBMPTN | JSSU) Joint Selection to State Universities
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This program can be followed by graduate students of Secondary Education (SMA / MA / SMK) and equivalent; including Package C and already have a diploma. General terms of participation on SBMPTN can be found on the official page of the committee (

(PKM | PMP) Partnership and Mandiri Program 
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This program is divided into 2 namely Partnership Program and Mandiri Program:
The Partnership Program is intended for similar high school / vocational school students in accordance with the requirements set by ITS and is a representative of partner agencies (Companies / Provincials / Pemkab / Pemkot) who have a memorandum of understanding with ITS indicated by the MoU and MoA.
Mandiri Program is for high school / MA / SMK students of the same type according to the requirements determined by ITS from the interested public.

Join us to have the best education in Naval Architecture and Marine Technology in Indonesia.

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