for Masters and Doctors


Postgraduate Program Registration is conducted online through ITS website and sends supporting documents in the following ways:

  • Pay the registration fee directly at teller in all BNI Banks, by mentioning (in front of teller) about payment of registration fee of Postgraduate Program (PPs) ITS. Registration fee for Master Program and Doctoral Program is Rp. 500.000, -
  • Receive proof of payment from Bank BNI in which there is a PIN (Personal Identification Number) of 16 characters and Access Code Registration (KAP) as many as 8 characters for the purpose of your online registration.
  • What to prepare before enrolling online: latest color photo file size 4x6 cm in JPEG or PNG format with maximum size 500 KB.


Applicants must submit all supporting documents (registration form along with its attachments and photocopy of payment of entrance fee for Master Program or Doctorate), either directly or through courier service.


Registration file sent to: