Doctoral Program (S3) for DoNA gets accredited B from ‘BAN-PT’ for the period 2013-2018. Degree obtained by graduates is Doctor (Dr.). The required study load is 42 credits for students coming from a master's degree program and scheduled in 6 semesters, and 72 credits for students from non-placement master's programs scheduled in 8 semesters. The study load for a dissertation of at least 28 credits. Some other judicial requirements; a minimum TOEFL score of 500, a national journal or international seminar, and many more.

Please note that the current DoNA's Doctoral Program is incorporated into the Marine Technology Postgraduate Program with the field of Materials and Marine Production Engineering (MMPE) - Concentration of Shipping Industry.


Areas of Concentration:
- Ship Design
- Hydrodynamics
- Ship Construction
- Ship Industry
- Marine Transportation


To make PPsTK a good source and networking institution of postgraduate education and a center for research and development as well as a science based information center for science and marine technology for sustainable development within the maritime state (archipelago).

Student Profile

Post Graduate students of Department of Naval Architecture come from various educational backgrounds both S1 and D-IV graduates in Marine Engineering and Marine Technology (Marine Shipping & Engineering System), Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics, Shipping Academy, Product Design, and various other disciplines. Graduate Student of Shipping Engineering also consists of a number of practitioners from various Companies such as BKI, PELNI, PT. PAL, BTH-BPPT, and a number of national shipyards.

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