Location: Building W, 1-4 Floors
Usage time: 24 Hours

The internet connection provided by ITS has 75 MBps or 5 kbps / student rate. The internet connection can be accessed freely by students by following the rules of access and search made by ITS.

Procedures Usage:

  • Registered as student / student of ITS
  • Internet connection wifi network available (Cth: ITS-W102, ITS-107)
  • Perform a proxy activation on your browser with the address and port 8080
  • Log in your integra account
  • Internet access
  • If not registered as a student / student of ITS can connect as a guest
  • Guest accounts can be obtained from staff who have integral ITS account by accessing

Operating Time: 06.00-24.00 Every Day

To support the health and fitness of its students, DoNA provides several infrastructure to channel the students' interests and talents, among others:
1. Soccer Field
2. Field Volleyball
3. Field Basket and Badminton
4. Table Tennis
5. Field Gymnastics

Procedures Usage:
Contact UPT FASOR ITS or contact the relevant Student Activity Unit (UKM).


  • Masjid Manarul Ilmi (ITS Campus Road, ITS Campus Highway, Sukolilo, SBY City, East Java 60111)
  • Mushola FTK (Road Chemical Engineering ITS)

Operating Time: 24 Hours Every Day

For daily worship (worship), DTP students can take advantage of FTK mosque located on the north side of DoNA Building. As for Friday prayers, Eid prayers, or other prayers performed in congregations in large quantities, ITS provides the main mosque Manarul Ilmi located near the Rectorate Building. Students can also attend various activities in the mosque Manarul Ilmi ITS such as Islamic studies activities. For more info can be seen on the following link

Location: Located Amid the Building Complex Faculty of Marine Technology
Operating Time: 08:00 to 16:00 hours

The location of the canteen is located right in the middle of the department building in FTK. Inside the FTK cafeteria there are 4 sellers who have different dishes. Food served in this canteen is nuanced food with a high taste and quality of the archipelago.

The Department of Shipping Engineering provides a green atmosphere by providing garden parks or plants in several locations of the Department of Shipping Engineering

Operation Time: 06:30 - 09:00

DoNA provides parking facilities for cars and bicycles / motorcycles for the academic community. This parking facility can be used for 24 hours and maintained according to the time the operation has been given.