Greeting from
Head of Department

Welcome to Department of Naval Architecture (DoNA), Faculty of Marine Technology, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS). Through this website, I would like to inform to our website visitors our existence is noted as one of the best departments in the whole of ITS.

Some time ago exactly on November 10, 2017, this department celebrated its 57th anniversary along with ITS's 57 year old birthday. This age indicates that this department is mature enough to strengthen its identity as a center of higher education that has resulted in shipping undergraduate professionals.

Until now, the Department of Naval Architecture is still one of the main pillars that supports the progress of the marine and maritime fields in Indonesia. The role of lecturers is large in creating graduates who have adequate competence to compete in the working industry. Students of DoNA have proved able to excel at the national, regional, and international level. It is also proud that more than 80% of the graduates are involved in marine and maritime fields in both government and industry sectors such as ship building and repair industries, shipping industry, oil and gas, shipping consultants, classification bureaus, and other companies. engaged in maritime. Even some alumni occupy strategic positions both in government and private. Scientific publications by educators are also often referred to and published in international scientific journals.

For prospective students, we welcome you to join and get the best ship and maritime education in Indonesia. With the highest quality of resources and management, we will be able to lead you to be the best to solve professional problems in the world of work. Not only smart in the academic field but also able to master other aspects of supporting your success when entering the workforce.

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We also welcome those who want to establish communication and further cooperation in order to build partnerships in the field of research, teaching, community service and others.


Ir. Wasis Dwi Aryawan, M.Sc., Ph.D.