The Department of Naval Architecture (DoNA) was established in 1960 along with the birth of Institute Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS). For more details DoNA's history can be seen in the diagram below, while the history of ITS can be seen here.

DoNA was established in conjunction with the birth of ITS in 1960. Over time, DoNA experienced many changes both from name, campus location, departmental leadership, and others according to the charts listed above. At the beginning of its establishment, DoNA was led by Dipl. Ing. B. G. Munaf whose name is now used as one of the names of rooms in this department. At that time DoNA was located in Simpang Dukuh and bears the status of a department. This status then turned into faculty during several periods of leadership starting from Dipl. Ing. Hariadi Soemarsono to Prof. Ir. Soegiono.

During the leadership of Prof. Ir. Soegiono precisely in 1983, the Faculty of Marine Engineering gave birth to two departments namely Department of Machinery Marine Engineering (now a Department of Naval System Architecture) and Ocean Engineering Department (now a Department of Marine Engineering). Thus the Faculty of Shipping Technique changed to the Faculty of Marine Technology (FTK) and has 3 majors:

  • Department of Naval Architecture
  • Department of Machinery Engineering
  • Department of Ocean Engineering
With the establishment of FTK then Prof. Ir. Soegiono officially became the first dean of FTK and Department of Naval Architecture led by Digul Siswanto, M.Sc. The location of the campus also moved from Simpang Dukuh to ITS Sukolilo Building (Hydrodynamic Lab now) and in Basuki Rahmat. Over the next several periods campus location again moved until finally now settled in the building W and WA ITS Campus Sukolilo.

DoNA gave birth to a new department of Marine Transportation Department. The birth of this department occurred at the time of leadership Ir. Triwilaswandio W.P., M.Sc., in 2011. With the birth of this new department then the number of majors in FTK became 4 majors:

  • Department of Naval Architecture
  • Department of Marine Engineering
  • Department of Ocean Engineering
  • Marine Transportation Department (now Marine Engineering Department)

In December 2016, ITS officially became State University of Legal Entity (PTN-BH). With the change of status, ITS experienced many changes in its organizational structure, including the change of department name to Department. Therefore since 2016, the name of the 'Jurusan Teknik Perkapalan' became the Department of Naval Architecture.