Generally, what is referred to as student activities is an extra-curricular activity to complement intra-curricular activities, which is an activity conducted inside and outside the campus without being given the weight of credits, which includes: the development of reasoning and scholarship, talents of interest and passion, student welfare , as well as students' social charity. With these activities can increase knowledge, learn to organize, learn to communicate, learn to solve problems for students of Department of Naval Architecture.

Activities undertaken by DoNA's students:

  Semarak Mahasiswa Perkapalan (SAMPAN)

Is a series of activities that are always held every year by students of DoNA. A series of activities from SAMPAN is a profession-based activity that also shows the superiority and uniqueness of the maritime world.

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  Published on Nov, 13th  2017

  • Surabaya Fisherman Sailing Competition (SFSC) is a race activity held specifically for fishermen. SFSC event is a racing competition between fishermen in Surabaya and surrounding areas. In addition, SFSC also holds people's festivities.

  • Nasional Ship Design & Race Competition (Nasdarc) is a race race prototype race controlled by remote control. The competition is divided into 2 categories namely the category of high school students / equivalent and the category of students with the target of all participants in Indonesia.

  • Lomba Karya Cipta Maritim Nasional (Lokarina) is writing a paper which is then followed by the making of prototype or modeling and presentation of the paper.

  • Dialog Interaktif (DI) is an activity that brings together government, community, experts, industry practitioners, and academic community that aims to discuss to solve a problem that exist in the field of maritime Indonesia.

  • Sampanesia is the closing event of a row of SAMPAN activities. This event is an art performances and branding event for ITS Shipping Department of Engineering.


  Cruise of Science and Technology

In order to improve the quality of maritime students' institutions and resources, DoNA holds a Sailing Science and Technology activity which is part of the Course of Maritime Introduction, then all new DoNA students get the opportunity to understand the world of maritime by sailing by ship owned by PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (Pelni) for four days in the Java Sea.

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  Excursion Study

It is an educational recreation event conducted by DoNA students by visiting companies with the aim of digging information that is expected to bring positive and concrete results, and can be applied.

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  Scientific Development Activities

  • Ristek is an activity of scientific, technological application that can be realized in writing student papers and community service that is helpful or plunge in the midst of society in the city and outside the city, in order to care students or college community.

  • Kastrad is a forum for student affairs in the field of strategic studies whose scope discusses national issues that focus on the maritime field.

  • DERAP! Magazine published by HIMATEKPAL which contains news regarding DoNA and student activities.

  Talent and Interest Activities

  • Hydromodeling Club is a venue of student activities in the field of ship design in scale model by using engine motor, battery and solar cell (Solar Cell).  Read more...

  • English Club is a means of gathering and learning together to understand in depth how to speak in English. Read more...

  Student activities

  • The training is aimed at students with the goal of assisting in the software design software study and analysis process in the field of shipbuilding techniques.

  • Tutorial is an advisory activity of the graders in academic terms.

  • Student Welfare has the scope of personal consultation of students and scholarships.

  Human Resources Development

  • Regeneration is a training given to student candidates of HIMATEKPAL organization.

  • Student mapping is the distribution database of HIMATEKPAL students in organizational in ITS Student Family.

  • Organizational training is a training that supports the students' ability to organize.


  • Entrepreneurship training  supports student managerial ability to manage student cooperatives in DoNA.

  • Sales  is a student activity to support HIMATEKPAL activities in terms of funding activities.

By following the student activities, the students will have a plus, so later after graduation, the student already has a stock to be able to plunge in the community, or as stock in the work.