Agreement Activities

First Visit of MNU Delegation
at ITS

MoU Signing Ceremony between 
MNU and ITS at MNU Campus

MoA Signing Ceremony between 
ITS and MNU at ITS Campus

[ Surabaya, August 31, 2017 ]

[ Mokpo, November 16, 2017 ]

[ Surabaya, April 4, 2018 ]

Why ITS and MNU?

HYUNDAI Shipbuilding 

DoNA ITS Hydrodynamics Laboratory 

Students Graduations Procession

At present, MNU is one of the universities that plays a big role in making Korea as the largest ship producing country in the world. ITS has the best naval architecture department in Indonesia and in the future Indonesia will emerge as one of the biggest ship building countries in the world.

SPUB PUSRI Designed by DoNA ITS’s Alumni 

MNU’s Hydrodynamics Laboratory 

New Ocean Industrial Complex, MNU Campus 

Focus in Maritime

ITS & MNU focus on cultivating intellectuals who will have not only the leadership for new maritime culture, but also the knowledge of marine technology.

World Class Facilities

ITS & MNU are equipped with modern laboratory facilities, such as hydrodynamic laboratory and state of the art mechanical laboratory.

Green Eco Campus

ITS & MNU provide wide green open spaces and educational environments that support long life education.

Internship Students in Korea’s Shipyard 

Study Scheme

Students will study…
- the first 6 semesters at ITS
- the last 2 semesters at MNU (Including final year project and internship in a Korea's shipyard)

Graduation of P-51 (2011) DoNA ITS

Degree Awarded

Graduates will receive 2 degrees:
- Sarjana Teknik (S.T.) from ITS
- Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) from MNU.

Student Centered Learning


Credit composition:
- ITS 82 credits
- MNU 63 credits (including Final Year Project and Student Internship in Korea's shipyard)

Total: 145 credits (39 courses)

Tuition Fee

The students will be charged for  20 million rupiahs for tuition fee per semester.


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Living in Mokpo, South Korea

Living in Surabaya, Indonesia